Statement of Purpose

Adopted 2006


"New Highland Baptist Church exists to reveal T.R.U.T.H."


New Highland Baptist Church will go Together to Reach out to non-believers through Uplifting Jesus Christ while Teaching believers to Help others in ministry.




1.  TOGETHER (Fellowship): Ephesians 2:19 ...that we are known, cared for, held accountable, and encouraged in our spiritual journey/walk with Christ.


2.  REACH (Evangelism): Acts 1:8 ...sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


3.  UPLIFT (Worship): Romans 12:1 ...celebrating God's presence and honoring our Lord Christ.


4.  TEACH (Discipleship): 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 ...building and strengthening believers.


5.  HELP (Ministry):  Matthew 25:31-46 ...meeting the needs of believers and non-believers with the Love of Jesus Christ.