Statements of Values • Mission • Vision
Adopted June 2001

•Salvation through Christ
•The Holy Bible
•Biblical Faith
•Christ-like love for each other and for our neighbors
•Personal relationships with Christ and each other
•Children, gifts from God
•Christian homes and families
•Historic Baptist Principles
•Evangelism in word and deed
•Worship of God through the Holy Spirit and Christ's presence
•The Church, a body of baptized believers
•The nurture and development of Christians of all ages

We are the body of Christ, a Baptist Church whose faith is based on the Bible, who worship God, are led by the Holy Spirit to love one another, and are committed to strengthening the saved and reaching the lost by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

•We will strive to be ministers in the fullest sense of the Word.
•We will strive to proclaim the Good News of Christ through our lives as individuals, families and His church.
•We will strive to raise up future generations dedicated to Christ and His mission.